Discovering my neighborhood

We planned to go to Winterthur yesterday but by the time the riveting Wimbledon final was over, it wouldn't have been worth the drive. Instead, we went for a long walk and relaxed on a blanket in a woodsy clearing. On the way back, we walked down a street I haven't been on but is so close to our house. Here are a few things that caught my eye along the way.
Pretty flowers. Does anyone know what these are called?
Mosaic Deli that sells sushi for $4.99. Doesn't sound promising, but the exterior is beautiful.
Very art nouveau-y.
Relaxing in the grass, doodling and reading and snacking.
Looks french to me for some reason. So classic and pretty.
Love hydrangeas!
Interesting door detail. Nice paint job, too.
This house reminds me of The Little House. What a cute little book.
Train tracks to nowhere.
View of the sky from our blanket.
Have a great day!


suzof7 said...

What pretty pictures! There is a little white house that looks almost exactly like that in the next town over, down to the brick building on the right. I love the book too, but I can't let a Virginia Lee Burton comment slip by without mentioning my favorite of hers, Calico the Wonder Horse.

Country Girl said...

What a fun post! Those flowers look like some sort of begonia. Mental P Mama will know what they are. I should ask if she will visit . . .
What a beautiful day! Is it always this SuNny in Philadelphia?

ok. now my word is fornicacca. this is insane.

Mental P Mama said...

Your Aunt Kate sent me! Those are begonias;)