Bits and Pieces

I saw Away We Go last night. It wasn't as much of a goofy indie movie as I expected it to be and I really enjoyed it. There were a few little details that bugged me, but it made me think and it made me feel extra gooey for my favorite guy.

The Philadelphia Museum of Art has some interesting exhibits now, both in the Main Building and the relatively new Perelman Building. I'm looking forward to taking a little field trip there soon.

Speaking of exhibits, Judith H. Dobrzynski of The WSJ just reviewed the new exhibit "Dove/O'Keeffe: Circles of Influence," on display in Williamstown, MA now through Sept. 7. I like the recent popularity of the type of exhibit that compares two or more artists, like "Cezanne and Beyond," which ended in May at the Philadelphia Museum of Art. This compare/contrast style really gives viewers an art history lesson so everyone leaves a little smarter and more informed rather than being overwhelmed and intimidated by such outstanding work.

This is really cracking me up. This guy sends over the top made up replies to Craigslist ads and posts the absurd conversations on his website. What a jerk but pretty funny.

Mike Albo reviews the kitschy cheap-gift mecca Pylones in his latest Critical Shopper article for the New York Times. I love his wit and informative yet informal writing style.

Have a fantastic day!


Still thinking of a name, but considering SLY said...

The hell with sewing, I've a blog to read! I've got to see that movie. LOVE your sketches. I realize I miss seeing them. Pretty pics. What fun.

sly said...

As I was saying...

...considering "SLY"

ScramsTheMan said...
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Anonymous said...

Hilarious Craig's list! Oh, just incase you didn't notice, the "cezanne and beyond" has very large (nakie) bathers. I'd love to fall asleep sunning there! To nod off and wake with "large(r)" bathers around could make one (moi) feel mucho betero about one's lot in life. Right! Or, it could make you realize that exercise is so over rated!! It IS so hard to stay motivated.
Loved your pearls.

Your (favorite) aunt!!

Country Girl said...

Emily!!! This is great. That's Craigslist thing is hilarious.

Off to read more. And what do you mean about the hair in the ears while driving? Who told you that? Damnit!

Your (real) favorite aunt.

Well, how appropos, my word veritication is weido. I'm just an r short of the truth.

Sarah aka "Elliemae" said...

Popped over from your Aunt Kates page...welcome to blogging! Your sketches are lovely!

♥~♥ Nine Acres ♥~♥ said...

Thanks for the movie review! Sounds good. Welcome to the blogging world!

Gayle said...

Love the Craig's list item. San Diego Art Museum recently had a show featuring the women of Alfred Steiglitz. Most interesting. Welcome, Emily. It is a treat to read your blog!
San Diego

Cindy said...

Hi. Came over from your Aunt Kate's blog. Love your sketches. Very nice. Good luck blogging. ~Cindy