Love me, Love me

I got up on Thursday morning to find an Emily love-fest waiting for me! This cute note from Joe (my wonderful boyfriend) and Ashley (my wonderful roommate) was on the white board in our kitchen when I came downstairs and there were more than 15 new comments on my blog! Aunt Kate posted some of my sketches on her blog here and many of her friendly readers came to check me out. It feels like cheating a little to have an established blogger advertise me, but I really appreciate everyone's kind messages. It is such a pick-me-up. What an uplifting day!

Tomorrow I'll tell you all about our crazy Saturday Bastille Day celebrations, but for now I'll leave you with just a little taste.Our neighborhood's very own Marie Antoinette, standing atop the Eastern State Penitentiary AKA Bastille, sipping champagne from a can, and speaking to the angry peasants gathered below.

Have a great rest of the weekend!


Country Girl said...

Hilarious! Who is this mysterious creature? Now I really have to come to Philly. Are the firemen as handsome as the ones in NY?

And comments are such great validation, aren't they? I just think your blog is interesting. I don't like blogs where people are long-winded and complain alot. My problem is that now that I know so many people out there, it's terribly difficult to visit all their great blogs. But hey, I could have worse problems . . .

susie said...

Hi, found your blog thru your Aunt Kate's. I loved the drawings that she posted, so I've added you to my favorites. I'm something of an artist too, so I like seeing what others do.