Wedding Extravaganza Weekend

I have been noticeably absent for quite a while. You have probably all died of boredom while I was gone but just in case you're still hanging in there, I've decided to come back. Here I am! Today is a beautiful, crisp fall day. I'm having a cup of coffee and planning big things for my day. Things like washing mountains of laundry, cleaning, exercising, and job searching.
It's been a very busy few weeks for me. My cousin Danielle and her new husband John's wedding was this past weekend and it was a wonderful, amazing time.I am so so glad we were able to go and spend time with family. We missed the people that weren't able to come but a few were able to skype in for the ceremony. Hooray technology! The wedding was a casual barbeque in Dani and John's backyard. The chaplain started the ceremony with a great line from "The Princess Bride"- "Mahhwidge. Mahhwidge is what bwings us togethahh today." Hilarious! The little bit of rain didn't deter the party one bit. In fact, it created a gorgeous full rainbow over the yard and all of the guests. The night before we left for the wedding, I finally finished my gift for the bride and groom- a homemade quilt. I sent fabric squares and fabric markers to all my cousins and aunts and uncles for them to write notes or draw pictures. They sent them back to me and I sewed them all into the quilt. Below are close-ups of all the family squares. The whole time I was working on it I was really thinking about Dani and John and my whole family. I am hoping this quilt is something they'll have for years and something they can look at from time to time to think of us. Judging by the tears shed, I think they liked the gift. Hopefully no other family members get married soon because I need a break from all the quilting madness!Stay tuned for some highlights on the other events of the last several weeks! Have a great day!