Happy Fourth!

It's kind of a tradition for me to make fruit pizza for the 4th of July. This year I decided to make individual fruit pizzas aka cookies. The only cookie cutter I have is a heart so I took matters into my own hands and made my own star shaped cookie cutter. Using some heavy duty scissors, I cut a beer can into strips and folded each strip into a point. I drew a template to help me keep the shape I wanted, and then I taped each point together and voila- a star shaped cookie cutter!
Here is the recipe for sugar cookies that I used. Slicing pre-made Pillsbury dough for the cookies also works, but homemade is healthier and usually just better. After rolling out the dough and cutting out the shapes, bake the cookies according to the recipe's directions. Let them cool, then ice with a mixture of 1 package neufchatel cheese, 1 cup sugar, and a few tablespoons cool whip.Decorate with fruit and serve!
Happy 4th!

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Country Girl said...

Awesome. You, and the cookies and the cutter you made from scratch.