When I was in high school I doodled all over my notes in class, I brought my sketchbook to parties, and basically I just drew all the time. When I went to college, I had to do a lot of drawing in class and I was so busy all the time that my for-fun sketching kind of fell by the wayside. Unemployment leads to a lot of free time, so recently I've started sketching a little more. I want to make it more of a habit because I really believe that daily sketching, no matter what it is, increases your drawing abilities and creativity in general. Here are a few excerpts from my sketchbook.


Country Girl said...

I checked for copyright and have stolen some of these for inclusion on my blog because I am so in love with them.
Your sketchbook sounds like an awesome place to visit. I am getting in the car now to come see it but am not sure where you live. You'd better call me before I get lost, k?
I think I just head East, right?

Marla said...

Great sketches.

Living on the Spit said...

You are very talented!!! I stopped in from Kate's blog and just had to drool over your designs some more. I am a quilter/sewer/creative doer.

Welcome to the land of blogs. We are a fun little bunch.

Crystal Jigsaw said...

These are fabulous pictures. Hope you make some serious money with your talent.

CJ xx

p.s. came via Country Girl

Reddirt Woman said...

Your Aunt Kate was absolutely right on bragging on her talented niece. I'm so glad she told us about you. I think you'll find a lot of fun and friends out in this great blogging world.

Welcome to the blogsphere. Enjoy.

Helen G.

elk said...

your aunt told me to visit and I am so happy to see art of any kind blessings`elk