To Do List

I am a lover of lists. So here is my to-do list from yesterday:
#1. Do Laundry

Our washer/dryer combo is probably from 1973 or something because the dryer takes over 400 minutes to dry one load of laundry. I could do laundry continuously and never run out of dirty clothes to wash. I can't even imagine how this problem would multiply if I had kids.

#2. Go Running

My main issue with exercise is motivation. I love seeing the scale read two pounds less than last week, but do I love it more than chocolate? Do I love it more than sitting on the couch playing minesweeper? It's a constant struggle.

#3. Make dinner

I always forget to put crockpot meals on early enough for them to be finished and taste good at dinnertime. Joe (my boyfriend) has been craving pork and sauerkraut lately, so despite the wintery-ness of the meal vs the summery-ness of the weather, that is what we shall have. Quick and easy for good planners.
My (not at all exact) recipe:

1 boneless pork loin
1 2 lb bag sauerkraut
1/2 cup water
1/2 cup white wine
1 cup or more apple cider
1 onion, chopped
1 apple, chopped
Salt, pepper, and fennel seeds to taste
Throw everything in the crockpot and cook on high 10-12 hours or until pork pulls apart nicely. Shred pork and return to crock pot. Add more apple cider if it's dry and season to taste. Serve with or without kaiser rolls. Also tasty with roasted vegetables.

#4. Make dessert

We don't have dessert every night, but sometimes it's a treat. This week we have house guests, and with our super wintery dinner, I wanted a light and summery dessert. Creamy Lemon Pie recipe from Weight Watchers. Don't let the healthiness put you off. It's really delicious.

#5. Water plants
sage and basil
mint and strawberries
dill and oregano
jalepenos and chives

I live in Philadelphia, so having an outdoor space to call your own is a pretty rare commodity. Our roof deck is one of the features that really drew us to this apartment. We got all ambitious and planted several herbs and a few fruits and vegetables. I have an uncanny knack for killing plants in mere days, but these troopers have stuck it out for a few months now. Granted, they may be a little brown and virtually yield-less, but plant productivity can be next year's goal. This year I'm just thrilled they're (mostly) still alive.

Yesterday's goals were all accomplished. On the list for today: more laundry, exercise, cooking, cleaning, mending, taking our visiting dog on a walk. Being unemployed makes me such a good little housewife. (Despite not being little or a wife.) I will leave you today with a pic of the pup staying with us this week. Have a great day!


Country Girl said...

Cute pup. Sometimes I love playing house.

Loving that pie!

Sam-o said...

Um...who taught you how to play minesweeper, miss "I thought you just randomly clicked and hope you don't hit a mine..." ? You're welcome.