Joe bought an old Polaroid camera for $5.99 at Jomar (a fabric and clothing/housewares warehouse that has several locations in and around Philadelphia) the other day, and he has been quite taken with it ever since. This type of camera was in production between 1967-1969, and it is questionable whether or not this particular one actually functions. Once we find some old school film and a 4-volt battery on ebay we can figure it out. Nonetheless, pretty much every time we have gone out since that joyful day of purchase, the Polaroid has come with us. "Say cheese!" Joe prompts friends sitting with us at a restaurant. They pose, and catch on when he creates the "clickclick" sound effect himself. My over-the-top eye rolls may also clue them in, but you never know. While I may think Joe's Polaroid crush is a little unfounded, I do admit that it is a cool looking camera. The colors and the lines are simple and elegant and rather inspiring. I can see putting an outfit together with that color scheme, making a dress with mitered tucks or accordion pleats, or many other applications.
P.S. The irony of taking awful, blurry pictures OF A CAMERA is not lost on me, but I do the best I can. Have a photogenic day!


Country Girl said...

I'm sitting here smiling because well, because I just like this post. And I simply have the urge to comment.

Plus I love filling in the word verifications. This one is priesto.

sly (still not diggin' the moniker) said...

Remind me to show you the really old Polaroid we got from Gus. Joe is gonna love it.

Sam-o said...

Emily. We have one of these!
P.S. Aunt Kate is funny.