Chocolate Covered Bananas!

All week I've been craving a chocolate covered banana. And since it's not like I spend 40+ hours a week working in an ice cream/chocolate store or anything, I had to take matters into my own hands.

First I melted a LOT (two bags) of bittersweet chocolate chips in short intervals in the microwave. As long as you stop and stir every thirty seconds or so, they won't burn. As the chocolate was melting, I peeled half a dozen bananas and laid them in a serving platter.
I poured the chocolate on top and turned the bananas around in the chocolate. I got messy. Darn, I had to lick chocolate off my fingers.
I pulled the bananas out of the chocolate and laid them on a baking sheet to freeze. They are definitely not pretty but oooh they taste good. I tried to make one like a popsicle, but the sticks I had were too flimsy. Stronger popsicle sticks might work but so far I haven't had a problem.
I was left with a ridiculous amount of leftover chocolate. I spread it out on another baking sheet and cracked it up to freeze once it solidified. In retrospect I probably didn't need so much chocolate but I can live with the results of that...
My roommate Ashley has been watching me write this post and staring at the photos. She finally succumbed to one of those bananas in the freezer. I asked how it was and she said "Bananas look bigger when they're covered in chocolate."

Is it me or was this a pretty innuendo-filled post? I can't even help it!


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