Productivity what??

Chelsea canceled our running date this morning, and I was secretly glad because I woke up feeling like death. I made peanut butter cupcakes because there wasn't chocolate in the house and I couldn't bring myself to leave the house for some.. how sad.
I worked on a sewing project and watched An Affair to Remember. I can't believe I have never seen this movie! It was so wonderful and romantic and at the same time really stupid. Terry seemed like such a confident, self-possessed woman, so why couldn't she just TELL him? And why couldn't they just bypass the 6 month waiting period and both get jobs? It seems silly. But I loved it. I loved the clothes and Cary Grant and the romance. If you haven't seen it, you should.
Now it's getting late and I'm wondering what I did today. I suppose I still have time to be productive, and tomorrow is a brand new day!


Country Girl said...

It's funny you should mention this movie because up until a few years ago, I hadn't seen it either. And I ended up saying the same thing: "why haven't I ever seen this movie?"

I remember watching it on a winter day and we'd had a wonderfully big snow fall and school was off. I spent it taking photos of birds closeup, using my zoom lens and bird seed to entice them to the little porch deck. And then this movie came on and it was wonderful.

Country Girl said...

I mailed you something today. I think you may know what it is.

sly said...

I may be ready to make a mailing soon. Dave and I have finally agreed on a design. Woo hoo! I bet Country Girl didn't have to debate on a design with HER husband!

It's been years since I've seen that movie, but I remember it having an effect on me. I love the references to it in "Sleepless In Seattle".

sam-o said...

where are the new posts, man? what the heck?