A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of hosting my very favorite mom and one of my favorite aunts for the day in Philly. They arrived bearing hostess gifts (what manners!) of wine and ramekins (wonder why they thought I needed those???) After a little chatting and relaxing and fake arguing about who would drive, we went to Reading Terminal Market for lunch. We wondered around, checking out the extensive options while Katy took a bajillion photos. We made conversation with a few strangers sharing our table while we ate, and we helped brainstorm ideas of how they could get out of jury duty. For dessert we all shared a divine Nutella/strawberry/banana crepe, a delightful cup of mocha chip Bassets ice cream, and a delicious Termini Bros chocolate chip cannoli. DECADENCE. We walked off a few of those calories on South Street, exploring fabric stores, trying on hats, and nearly getting kicked out of a cigar store. When Joe came home from work we went to Umai, a sushi place we had been itching to try. All the plates were beautiful and the actual sushi was very eclectic. I enjoyed it but wouldn't recommend this place for someone craving traditional sushi. But if you're looking for something new and different and you want to try a roll with strawberries, macadamia nuts, and honey, this is the place for you. After an amazing dinner, Kate headed home and Mom slept over so we could have more fun the next day. It was so fun spending time with them and sharing stories (even ones that might scar me for life). I wish all our family lived closer so we could do stuff like this more often. But I guess being so far apart makes the times we do get to spend together extra special.


sly said...

Damn, those sneakers are white! What fun.

Sam-o said...

I hate you all.

Okay not really.

But I am jealous.


Country Girl said...

I am so glad Sam hates us all.

she's such a jerk.