hello again!

Hello my darling three or four loyal readers! It has been quite awhile, hasn't it? My apologies for being negligent on my blogging duties. Well, our computer is officially kaput, so says our trusted computer genius. Joe bought a new one but in the meantime we've been getting by with my old laptop. It functions just fine but it is super slow and doesn't have any of my recent photos and files.

We have a lot to catch up on, but until I get myself organized, let me just give you a few little tidbits...

-I've started running early in the mornings with my new neighbor and long-time best friend Chelsea. Hope we can keep it up!
-I am hard at work on a super special secret project for a certain September wedding that I am SUPER looking forward to.
-Joe and I finally got hooked on True Blood, I am somewhat sorry to report. Our roommate and other friends love it and now we too are addicted to ridiculous vampire smut.
-I am also hard at work on an art project Joe concocted on an especially creative day. More details on that later.
-Yey for Greg, who designed his first magazine cover for Grid magazine this month!
-Cross your fingers for Andrew and Becky. They are anxiously awaiting the results of the PHS City Garden Contest they entered this year.

That's all I've got today. Come back and visit soon and I will have more about the goings-on of the last few weeks. Have a wonderful day!


sly said...

YAY! She's ba-ack. I was getting awful tired of that creme brulee story. Thanks for all the tidbits. Good luck on all of them.

Anonymous said...

Wow Em, so glad to finally see you're back on. I actually check your blog EVERY DAY. Been seeing that there was nothin goin on for awhile and just thought you were busy. Heard from "sly" today and found out about your computer problem. Can't WAIT to see you all at the special event in September!! Looking forward to your blog.

Your favorite aunt
(hint: it ain't kate) :)

Anonymous said...

Oh, and lemme know how the running's going. How long have you been doing it AND have you noticed a difference yet? I start out OK, for about 2 weeks that is, then I get busy, get home after 12 hours of work and don't feel like it. Before you know it, I've not done it in awhile. Can't ever seem to stay consistent with ANY exercise. Maybe I should retire so I'll have the time. (I wish). Anybody have any tips on doing that? Would love to hear 'em.

Fav auntie

Country Girl said...
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Country Girl said...

That was me that deleted the above comment, btw.
First, congrats on the running every day. I will take it as an inspiration.
I am refusing steadfastly to not watch vampire smut and also am refusing to begin twittering. So far, I'm batting a thousand and am well ahead of my goals . . .
Now on to the running . . .