ho hum

After an incredibly stressful and frustrating meeting this morning, I was feeling pretty down. Joe took the day off of work to provide moral support, which he was doing very well in the form of a duck confit omelet and a side of scrapple at a nearby restaurant.

After the meeting, we came home and walked around the Italian Market in the cold mist. I don't think I've ever been there on a Thursday. It's much less crowded but there are just as many options. We got a bunch of produce, including a huge basket of strawberries for $5. I am brainstorming what to make.

I am relaxing and enjoying a cup of coffee with a chocolate covered pretzel and a raspberry jelly I got at the market. It is a delicious snack. We have no plans until five o'clock and I for one plan to do a lot of nothing. There is a lot on my mind today and I think a little nothing will be very nice.
Hope you all have a good day and a fun weekend. kisses.

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Country Girl said...

Oh, there's yo mama! Em, you destressed now? Sorry to hear you had a bad morning.