Meat and Mosquitoes

The lunch special of the day today at Cafe Emily is roast beef and baby Swiss on toasted rye bread with cranberry chutney and apple slices. Deeeelightful. The weather is insanely beautiful today. I poked around in the garden this afternoon for awhile. I dumped a bunch of standing water and got scared that we already inadvertently started a mosquito epidemic. They were really bad last summer and we couldn't really enjoy the backyard because of all the bugs. Any suggestions for keeping the mosquitoes to a minimum?

Hope everyone makes the most of today!


Country Girl said...

I do believe I could fall in love with that sandwich, just like I fell in love with your dad's polenta.

Geez, that sounds truly weird.

Here's what I've used to repel mosquitos: http://www.isabellacatalog.com/p/Sandalwood-Mosquito-Sticks.cfm

Allyson Frick said...

1) Could you please be my personal chef when I return to the States? At least just for a week...I want to eat everything!
2) Unfortunately I don't have any suggestions for the mosquitos except to put on bug lotion before you go to bed, and after you get out of the shower...that's what I have to do here in the summer time!

RSA Now said...

Oh man that looks good! Gosh, you're making me hungry

John said...

I don't know much about the modern ways of keeping the bugs at bay but I can suggest you some traditional ways of getting rid of them . These are spraying anti-mosquito sprays everywhere in your house and in the backyard. You can sleep in mosquito resistant nets or can apply mosquito repelling creams on your body.I'm afraid if you already know about these methods which I'm sure you do!
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My Journey With Candida said...

Get yourself a bat house and encourage bats to move in.

When we lived in the country, we had bats.... and no mosquitoes.

We have since moved to civilization, but I think we might have some bats around here also because we hardly have any mosquitoes here either.

RSA Course said...

Don't stock a stagnant water, spray a mosquito cite to prevent from malaria.

propelpmc said...

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