That's all, nothing more

I'm having kind of a sick day today and I'm drinking peppermint tea and watching "Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium". So far it is just what the doctor ordered. It is silly and cute and wonderful. I love all the characters! And when's the last time a movie was rated G?viarlslog

Instead of cleaning and accomplishing other necessary tasks I am going to make a little wish list. Things I want today:
warm sweaters (via anthropologie)
an old fashioned hot water bottle (design*sponge inspired me and all of the sudden it seems really necessary) via needapresent
a big hug (alicia and phil)

Here's hoping for a couple of these things. Have a lovely day!
P.S. Does anyone have any brilliant Halloween costume ideas for me? I'm accepting suggestions from everyone but Joe because his are all nonsense.


Country Girl said...

I love sweaters from anthropologie.

Please tell us Joe's halloween ideas. I'm all ears.

Sam-o said...


Sam-o said...

Also, I LOVE Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium. It is a very very cute movie. I especially like how they call Jason Bateman's character "mutant."