Honest Scrap

My Aunt Kate (Chronicles of a Country Girl) has given me an "award", albeit a loaded one! I have to thank the presenter of the award, tell you 10 honest things about myself, and pass the award on to 7 others whose blogs I find brilliant in content and/or design or those who have encouraged me. And soo... Thanks Katy! I love you!
>>> I am a compulsive list maker. I make several lists a day but rarely do I complete every item. I think the problem is forgetting there are only 24 hours in a day.
>>> I have a degree in fashion design, but sometimes I feel as though I have no personal style. I like to blame it on my lack of a discretionary income, but who really knows?
>>> I have a very low tolerance for pain. I can whine about a paper cut for a week. Three weeks ago I tripped over a chalkboard menu sign in front of a restaurant. It collapsed and fell on my foot and just yesterday I complained that the bruise still hurt when I put sneakers on.
>>> I am obsessed with letters and stationary but I can be very bad at writing prompt thank you notes. I feel very guilty about this.
> I believe in the local foods movement and I have really come a long way in my thinking about foods and planning my meals. But when winter is around the corner and I imagine several months without tomatoes or salad or berries, I find it difficult to completely comply. I also really love grapefruits and avocados and I'm pretty sure they aren't grown in the Philadelphia area.
>>> I don't have a drivers license. ugh. Most of you readers know me so this isn't a surprise but for some reason is still very amusing and/or irritating to some of you. It is very stupid at this point and I need to get on it.
>>> I really don't enjoy running. I have never gotten into the groove long enough that it has become a pleasant routine. Is this bad?
>>> I don't wear sunscreen every day. There is SPF 15 in my makeup but I don't wear makeup every day and even when I do, it doesn't cover all my exposed skin. I am such a sunscreen nazi with my friends that I should really invest in some moisturizer with SPF and actually wear it.
>>> I don't know how to knit. I own knitting needles, I know how to machine knit, and I was a sweater designer for heaven's sake but I have yet to learn hand knitting.
>>> I am an avid procrastinator. In fact, several of the 10 honest things in this list have something to do with procrastination. Geez. That reminds me, I have things to do!

As for passing the award on.. this is difficult because I don't really have many blogging friends. If you think this looks fun, write your ten things in the comments section, post it on your blog, or even write it down and don't tell anyone.

Have a great day!

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Country Girl said...

Running and pleasant routine do not go in the same sentence.