Fun haters unite!

I've been a busy girl the last few days. If busy means lazy. I'll update you on our little camping trip and some other news soon, but for now I just have a couple random things.

Don't you want to make a stamp out of this? It's so cool that interesting shapes like this occur naturally so often.

As life's official fun killer/hater (along with Becky), it's only natural that we both stumbled across this website. So clever! The Fun Theory

My roommate Ashley came across this gem the other day. Apparently two very bored individuals are competing in a daily tie competition. Vote here: Who Wore It Best? A Daily Tie Competition

More to come another time. Have a great day!


andrew said...

I bet you'd yell at Joe for playing the keyboard stairs off-key.

Country Girl said...

That's a great shape, Em. And I loved the link to The Fun Theory. Got it bookmarked. Thanks~