"I Quit: A How To"

Apparently today is the day to quit your job in a dramatic fashion, as evidenced by the people in these two articles.

Fed up flight attendent

Fed up assistant

I'd like to see follow up articles on these people. Will any of the people that copied these articles stating "This guy is my hero!" be willing to hire him? Does the pleasure and catharsis of a public resignation outweigh the blemish to the person in questions references and reputations? Either way, it does seem like a victory for the average guy.


Country Girl said...

Hadn't heard of the HOPA incident but I think it was great.
Andrew and I are disagreeing over the flight attendant. He's with the contingency that's calling him a hero and I think what he did was appalling. I'd never hire him.

andrew said...

When I glanced at the title of your post, I thought you were announcing some important news--a shake-up in the chocolate industry! :p
Does this foreshadow events to come?

BPOTW said...

I'm sure they will be ok, but explaining how they quit will take some doing!