RIP The Wire

Several months ago, Joe found a good deal online for the entire series of The Wire, which aired on HBO from 2002-2008. We've been watching little by little and just finished the last episode on Sunday. I highly recommend the show for anyone that can handle a little violence and gore. I like that nothing is sugar coated but nothing is over-dramatized either. It is a funny, poignant, and thought-provoking show.

I found these clever illustrations from a quick google search. Check out the rest of them on the artist's website.

We're going to take a little break from excessive television and try to be productive members of society. When the novelty of that wears off, maybe we'll try Dexter. Any other suggestions?

all illustrations via blake hicks

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Country Girl said...

The Big C is excellent.
I couldn't handle Dexter. But then I couldn't handle The Wire either. So I think you guys will like it.